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Please select the service you need, we will weigh or count the items you give us. We will prepare the invoice after we receive your items, you can check our price list or use our price estimator anytime. Our minimum order is £ 20.00.

Laundry Service

This is regular laundry. Items are washed, tumble dried and neatly folded garments. All clothes will be washed at 30°C, and your order will be charged based on total weight.
Our Dry Cleaning Service One of the most popular laundry services in London we provide is called "Wash," which includes a machine wash, tumble dry and fold. We respectfully request that in order to avoid damage, consumers check all pockets before handing over their belongings and separate their whites from colors.


Clean & iron

This is washed and iron on hangers by default. Folding can be requested additionally.
Before we carefully tissue wrap and package your shoes for transportation, we can have your trainers properly mean as part of the cleaning process.


Ironing only

This is ironing only on hangers by default. Folding can be requested additionally.
Our ironing service comprises trained cleaners carefully pressing your clothes washing near me, and we provide a prompt turnaround to get your items at your door in 24 hours or less. We can iron household things like beds and towels in addition to shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, and other clothing.


Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning items cean and iron by default on hanger. Folding can be requested additionally.
Compared to wet cleaning or cleaning with water, dry cleaning offers two key advantages: The fibers swell in water. Many clothing experience shrinkage and dye fading as a result of this swelling action. When it comes to removing oily or fatty residues, which are the main ingredient in many stains, dry cleaning chemicals are far more effective than water.


Home & Bedding

The cleaning process varies depending on each item's requirement. Some item may need 72 hours to complete.
For single, double, and king-sized beds, we provide a laundry service for bed sets. A bed sheet, duvet cover, and pillow case are all included in our single bed set laundry service. A bed sheet, a duvet cover, and two pillowcases are all included in our double and king bed set services.



Alteration require a different process. Priced per item, Up to 72 hours.
We provide a variety of adjustments services, such as alterations for pants, dresses, skirts, suits, and jackets. Basic clothing alterations must be completed within 48 hours, while larger repairs may take longer depending on the changes required.

Any special instructions ? (optional)

Please add any special washing instructions or requests.


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