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Free Pickup and Drop Off.

£20 Minimum Order.

£5 Cancellation / No Show Fee.

Our Services and Pricing

No extra service charges or hidden fees.


All personal laundry that can be washed & tumble dried.

You can include bed linen and towels, but we advise you to put them in a separate bag as they usually require a different washing/drying cycle.


Dry clean only items

Items that cannot be tumble dried.

All items that are not suitable for machine washing and tumble drying.

Bath mats


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Use this calculator to get a rough total of your order. No need to list the actual items when you schedule a collection.

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Please note that the final price may vary and it will be calculated after the cleaning process.

About our services

Free collection and delivery.

£ 20.00 minimum order.

£ 5.00 cancellation fee.